The Power To Solve Some Of The World's Most Complex Problems

Lower Your Costs

Save your company and employees money

Even as a post-tax benefit, micromobility is still far more affordable than other commute modalities. Check out our cost savings calculator to see how much you can save your company and your employees. Even if you offer a large micromobility subsidy to drive adoption we're confident you'll spend less every time you transition someone to a bike or scooter.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Micromobility is great for the environment

Not only does micromobility put more money in your pocket, it's also one of the greatest drivers for lowering CO2 emissions. Ride a bike or scooter, mother nature will thank you!

Use our CO2 caluclator to see just how big of an impact micromobility can make.

Improve Employee Health And Wellness

Good for the heart, great for the soul

If saving money and the environment weren't enough, micromobility does wonders for your physical and mental health. Getting your legs moving while you soak in your surroundings lowers stress, improves productivity, and leads to other healthy habits.

Tackle Commute Equity

Accessible for everyone

Micromobility makes commuting equitable. Whether you live in an underserved neighborhood, have non-traditional commute hours, or other public transit options have left you feeling unsafe; bikes and scooters are a great solution. Micromobility isn't confined to a fixed route, it's always available on your schedule, and it's a fantastic option for first and last mile needs.


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