Our Mission

What if we told you a solution already exists to the world's most complex problems? Climate change. Mental and physical health crises. Traffic and congestion. All these problems can be addressed with micromobility.

We know bikes and scooters have the potential for incredible positive impact, that is why we at New Pedal wish to fuel the micromobility movement. Unfortunately the industry can be disorganized at times, and corporate decision makers are sometimes unaware of these benefits. Our mission is to change this by streamlining access, orchestrating the industry, and as a result get more people on bikes and scooters. 

Our Story

We've always loved micromobility. Our team has over 40 years experience in the bike and scooter industry, ranging from bikes shops and manufactures, to distributors and TDM work. We recognize the impact companies can make by offering their employees access to micromobily, and we're excited to support this important endeavor by sharing our knowledge, experience, and passion.